Keeping your kitchen clean is mandatory if you want a good workplace. A messy kitchen can severely slow down and ruin the cooking and preparing process, as well as making it less hygienic. Because a clean kitchen is so important, we have assembled a list of ten kitchen cleaning hacks that will change your kitchen for the better. These are small tips that can help out a lot in all areas in the kitchen and that make cleaning up so much easier. We hope you learn a lot!

  • Use cotton balls to keep your trash from smelling foul

Most people have a place to put trash in their kitchen. Since you are throwing out a lot of things like packaging and old food, having a bin right in your kitchen provides a lot of well needed convenience. However, with a lot of great things out there, there is a downside. Having the trash directly in your kitchen can stink the whole place out and make it an unpleasant environment to work in. Luckily, there is an amazingly simple cleaning hack that can quickly and easily solve this problem. Get a cotton ball and dip it in an essential oil. Then place it between the trash bag and the can. This will greatly lessen the odour of the trash and make the kitchen smell clean. If you don’t have cotton balls and essential oil, a lemon can work similarly as well.

  • Use baking soda to remove coffee stains

Regular coffee drinkers know the problem of coffee stains on their favourite mugs. Dishwashers never seem to do the trick and trying to get it off manually is a pain. With the help of baking soda though, your coffee stains can go away easily and quickly. Just mix some baking soda with water and scrub at the stain with a good quality brush. The stain should come off in no time and leave your coffee mugs looking brand new.

  • Use potatoes to remove rust from pans

If you use a cast iron pan for a long enough time it will eventually gain rust and not look as good as it used to. Rust is hard to remove which is why many people disregard this problem when it in fact can be easily fixed. Using this simple cleaning hack, your cast iron pans can go from rusty to looking good as new. All you need is a potato and some detergent. Yes, a potato. Chop the potato in half and dip the surface into some detergent and water. Now firmly wash and scrub the pan. After a lot of good scrubbing, the rust will start to disappear. Who knew potatoes could do that! 

  • Use lemons to clean your microwave

While many people clean their kitchen often, many also don’t clean their microwave. Many don’t because of how tedious it is, fortunately there is an easy way to do this. Pour half a cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. Then cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice in the water and drop the halves in as well. Then microwave on high for three minutes and then wait for five minutes. Once the five minutes are up, get a cleaning towel and wipe the inside of the microwave. It will be sparkling new and a whole lot cleaner than before.

  • Use a piece of bread to clean up glass

A glass item falling on the ground and breaking is bound to happen in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or an amateur, you’re going to drop and break glass. Broken glass is dangerous and causes many injuries in the kitchen which is why it needs to be picked up safely. Using a brush and shovel is a great and safe way to clean large pieces of glass, but what about small pieces. Small pieces of glass are very hard to clean safely, however, there is an easy kitchen hack that can solve this. Using any ordinary piece of bread, press it down safely on the small pieces of glass on the ground. The glass will stick into the bread which can then be chucked into the bin. This method is safe and can save a lot of trouble when glass breaks.

  • A genius way to clean your blender

Blenders can become really dirty and it is very hard to clean them. Not to mention the danger of cleaning a blender due to the razor-sharp blades. While most take the risk of manually cleaning it with a cleaning towel, there is a far better way out there which is very safe and is so simple. To do this, put some detergent or soap in your blender along with a good amount of water. Now turn on the blender and watch the bubbly mixture wash all around the inside. This genius cleaning hack is simple and incredibly effective and will make your blender look great.

  • Microwave your cleaning cloth to make it better

New cleaning cloths always do a much better job of cleaning the kitchen. This is why so many people have so many of them when you only need a few. Instead of going out to the shop and buying more, use this insanely simple hack to make your old ones work like new. Put the cleaning cloth in some water and rinse it out. Now chuck it in the microwave for thirty seconds and wait. The microwaved cleaning cloth will work wonders and make cleaning so much easier and efficient.

  • Make scratched dishes look new with cream of tartar

Over time, dishes scratch and don’t look nearly as good as they used to. While giving them a good clean can make them shine, it will never get rid of the pesky scratches. Using an everyday cooking ingredient, this problem can remain no more. Put some cream of tartar on your dishes along with a small amount of water and give them a good scrub, especially where the scratches are. After a decent amount of rubbing the cream of tartar on the dishes, the scratches will disappear and won’t be as visible.

  • Make glasses shine with vinegar

New glasses look amazing, especially compared to ones used for a long time. This is partly due to how clear and shiny they are, while old ones are foggy and cloudy. General cleaning can never seem to make glasses shine like they used to, luckily there is a simple solution using something you probably have in your cupboard at home. Get some basic white vinegar and dab some on a cleaning rag. Now rub the glasses all over with the cloth. After the glass is fully covered in the vinegar, leave it to evaporate. After a fair while, the vinegar will evaporate and your glasses will have a pristine shine. The vinegar smell and taste should have also evaporated as well. This simple hack is something everyone should do every so often as shining glasses are essential to a good kitchen.

  • Use coconut oil to clean wood

If you have wooden surfaces in your kitchen, this cleaning hack will be of massive benefit to you and your kitchen. Cleaning wood can be are hard process as it is very different from other surfaces. A lot of general kitchen cleaners don’t work properly on wood so luckily there is an easy alternative using coconut oil. Put some coconut oil on a cleaning towel and rub all your wooden surfaces and kitchenware. The coconut oil makes the wood shine and look as good as new. Wood is one of those surfaces that can look old and dusty quickly, but this simple trick will give it a new shine that will elevate your kitchen.

Overall, cleaning the kitchen is not fun, but there are some amazing cleaning hacks that can make this process a lot easier and more enjoyable. Using the hacks that we have laid out, cleaning the kitchen will be less of a hassle and you will have more time to do what really matters, cooking. We hope you take some of these tips on board and have a great time in the kitchen!