Kitchens can be intense, high-speed environments in which multiple steps are carried out simultaneously as a person or team creates potentially complex meals. In order for kitchens, both private and commercial, to operate safely and most efficiently, it is important to get premium kitchen supplies from a premium retailer. 

Unique Restaurant Supplies carries a vast range of products suitable for both private and commercial kitchens. Our line of premium kitchen supplies is designed to be functional but still beautiful, and long-lasting and up-to-date on modern safety standards. 

Here are some examples of some premium kitchen supplies URS has available for purchase:

1) Japanese Santoku Slicing Chef Knives Sets
This set of professional kitchen knives can easily cut through meat and vegetables. The handles are made of premium wood, and designed ergonomically for maximum comfort. They are made from Damascus steel and are resistant to corrosion.   

URS has many styles of knives for different purposes, but this set of 8 should definitely be a staple for your kitchen

2) Mini Handheld Coffee Maker
Stylish yet functional, this 1-cup capacity capsule coffee machine is capable of making coffee on the go and when you’re in a hurry. Small, portable, and non-toxic, this coffee maker is essential for the busy professional

3) Ice Cream Machine
This premium kitchen appliance is a must-have for any private or commercial kitchen. Serve up a refreshing treat for your guests! There many benefits of making ice-cream in-house – you can customize flavours and design your own unique recipes. Dessert is your chance to give guests a final impression that will last long after the meal is finished.

Premium kitchen supplies are not only for ensuring quality and efficiency, but they also lend a luxurious and professional look to the aesthetic of your kitchen. Truly memorable food is produced by creative, unique chefs who use equally memorable tools. 

Unique Restaurant Supply is the ideal retailer of premium kitchen supplies. Trustworthy, efficient, and reasonably priced, we can be counted on to supply an appliance for every need. Browse our vast product line and allow us to be a part of what makes your kitchen unique.