If you asked almost any consumer a year ago what they believed individuals and their governments should prioritize to ensure a better future, it would almost certainly be in line with the environment.  Some might be passionate about global warming, whereas others may cite overflowing landfills or single-use plastics; however, there is no doubt that consumer habits and debates have been noticeably shifting to more sustainably conscious behaviours.

Fast forward to the present day and, understandably so, priorities have shifted. However, for the sake of our planet and future generations, let us hope that this mindset is temporary.  Breaking old industry and consumer habits with regards to unsustainable practices is a real challenge which has been compounded by the current pandemic.  The immediate safety concerns of Covid-19 have resulted in an environmental backwards shift with regards to lawmakers and consumer habits towards single-use plastics.  The World Wildlife Fund released a report nearly a year before any news was broadcasting on Covid-19, yet they still feared plastic pollution was projected to increase by 40% in the next decade. 

The pandemic has tested many individuals, organizations, and businesses that have previously vowed to become more environmentally friendly.  The constraints regarding financial and personal choices have undoubtedly taken their toll.  The restaurant industry is now almost entirely reliant on their take away and food delivery services as consumers either cannot or will not, eat in-house.  Moreover, the limitation on restaurant capacity provides for an added strain to an industry already treading water.  

Large events may currently be on hold; however, the trend of providing a more eco-friendly or green corporate event, music festival or wedding will likely return for 2021.  According to the Independent UK, weddings will increasingly focus on sustainability when they pick up next year.  This is seconded by Brides.com that felt the biggest trend of 2020 was (going to be) focus on the planet.  With the current economy, it will be even more prudent to ensure that your business values are in line with that of your consumers.

Being eco-friendly and encouraging sustainability has always been about working towards a win-win situation for both the consumer and the environment.  The essence of sustainability is about being able to avoid the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance; yet, this should also be for the benefit of those installing these practices.  Research suggests that socially and environmentally responsible practices have the potential to garner more positive consumer perceptions of the organization, as well as increase profitability.

There are endless and unique ways to make your restaurant or home more sustainable, but one of the easiest, and most prominent is to shift away from single-use plastics and showcase your choice of disposable products.  In addition to the obvious ethical reasoning, environmental causes will be in the limelight once again after the immediate crisis of the pandemic subsides and you will want to be ahead of the game, not playing catch up.  

The disposable tableware products available from Dtocs provide the perfect balance of esthetics, durability and kindness to the environment while also having a strong socially conscious story.  All products are sustainably sourced from naturally fallen palm leaves so no trees need be cut down in the process.  The leaves are then naturally dried before being cleaned, washed and heat pressed into a variety of shapes.  A rigorous sterilisation and quality control process ensures that every plate and bowl is fit for use.  This initiative also provides much-needed employment for a majority female-led workforce in rural India. 

Key features of Dtocs ethically sourced tableware products:

  • Eco-Friendly – made exclusively from naturally fallen palm leaves 
  • Plastic & Chemical Free – no additives, glues, binders or polishes are used
  • Elegant & Sturdy – choose from a variety of uniquely elegant styles which are sturdier than the paper product equivalent
  • Premium Quality & Perfectly Clean – rigorous commitment to quality and hygiene including UV treatment
  • Microwave & Refrigeration Safe – can be used for either hot or cold dishes or liquids
  • Economical – an excellent alternative to comparable, less environmental and socially conscious products on the market
  • Easy & Safe Disposal – the products can either be burnt or composted after use
  • Natural Aroma & Woody Texture – the natural aroma and woody texture showcases the unique qualities of this product
  • Available in Different Shapes & Sizes – the products come in a variety of sizes and shapes or can be customized for large orders
  • Employment opportunities – the collection of palm leaves, drying and packaging is done in rural India and provides much-needed employment opportunities for a majority female-led workforce.

As restaurants, events and homes operate and offer products and services in an eco-friendlier manner, they may simultaneously aspire for consumers to recognize, embrace, and reward their environmental values and actions in ways that lead to strategic business advantages.  Dtocs products are inherently marketable and provide for a quality product with a feel-good story that consumers are yearning to learn and share on social media.  We suggest that you take the time to know more about this elegant and functional product so that your employees and customers can share in the enthusiastic message.  People love hearing feel-good stories – especially in today’s world!

Many companies can be commended for having a wide range of environmentally friendly restaurant disposables, yet none have the advantage of elegance or a socially conscious back story that Dtocs tableware products provide. If you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly kitchen supplies, please contact us today.