As the global pandemic drives more people to purchase take-out or via numerous delivery apps, more and more plastic take-out packaging is entering waste streams. About 20% of all waste resting in landfills is some form of restaurant packaging supplies. This estimate does not include the countless pounds of packaging entering waterways and bodies of water.

Restaurateurs and restaurant packaging supplies wholesalers have become increasingly concerned about their impact on the global environment. This is due to both their personal belief systems and the fact that over a quarter of their customers express “concern about plastic packaging.” A similar number believe manufacturers of packaging should work toward plastic-free restaurant packaging supplies.

This information is powerful for restaurant owners. Understanding the belief systems and what is important to customers allows for an impactful approach. Using eco-friendly packaging is a way to show that your business values the opinions of its customers.

The Changing Tide

The emergence of significant research into the impacts of restaurant packaging on the environment has led to the concurrent development of eco-friendly restaurant practices. Recycling programs have become a common sight at many restaurants. Setups often include a place to recycle plastic and aluminum products, with many now featuring a place for food scraps destined for composting.

Bringing eco-friendly practices into restaurants drives business from customers who are personally concerned about the impacts of waste on the environment. Involving customers in responsible practices brings attention to positive change in a way other marketing tactics cannot.

Addressing the Main Problems

Sustainable practices, are helping to turn the tide against endless flows of restaurant packaging supplies entering landfills, and waterways.

The best place for an eco-friendly restaurant to start is with the biggest problem: the packaging. It is important to note that switching to eco-friendly restaurant packaging supplies does not mean sacrificing usefulness, design, or efficiency. Vendors like Unique Restaurant Supplies, offer plenty of restaurant packaging supplies that will meet your and your customers’ needs.

The Portable Paper Bag Container

Customers expect a combination of form and function. These paper bags are better than the ones we put our soggy lunch sandwiches in. These bags are ideal for dessert shops, cookie stores, or any other take-away spot offering treats like these.

The bags are idyllic – square bottoms for standing, a handle for convenient carrying, and sturdy material to support heavier cookies or cupcakes. The Portable Paper Bag Container is beautiful, leaving ample space for applying your logo to ensure consistent, memorable branding opportunities. The bags are constructed of eco-friendly, food-grade paper, making this a good option for restauranteurs to improve their impact on the environment.

The Ship Shape Takeout Container

Hot food, cold food, any food will do! The Ship Shape Takeout Container allows you to reheat their food and provides leak protection with its coated interior. The Ship Shape Takeout Container is crafted from kraft paper, known for its environmentally friendly properties. Perfect for small salads, sandwiches, poutines and more.

Wooden Cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is sustainable, compostable, and used in takeaway or dine-in settings. This wooden cutlery set features forks, knives, and spoons, offering all the cutlery you need for any meal. This cutlery is an upgrade over plastic. They are sturdier and more eco-friendly. The can even be thrown into composting receptacles. Wooden cutlery is very attractive and makes a beautiful aesthetic in any place setting. 

Finding the Way

The restaurant landscape is challenging. Finding creative ways to reach your customers, offer a high-quality product, and maintain an eco-friendly business takes a lot of energy and time. Fortunately, vendors like Unique Restaurant Supply make finding what you need to accomplish those goals easy. From containers to carriers, to “wood” ware, the options for outfitting an eco-friendly dining experience abound. If you have committed to following the lead of your customers and joining the ranks of eco-friendly restaurateurs, shop around at Unique Restaurant Supplies where getting started is simple.