Everything gets posted online these days and that includes food. It’s not a surprise that we get to see countless images of food from all over the world on multiple social media platforms. Depending on the cook, an average everyday meal can be completely transformed to look like a luxurious 5-star entrée.  Food photography seems easy at first, but you’ll soon realize that it actually requires certain skill traits and techniques in order to turn your amateur food pictures into a magazine cover-worthy image. Food photography plays a crucial role in advertising for many restaurants. It’s used to create content for their social media accounts and posted on their site to show people what they serve to overall improve the user experience. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in taking your food photography game up a level read through our list of tips and tricks.  

Food Photography Tips

There are many aspects to take into consideration before you snap that prize-winning shot and that includes quality, colour, lighting and detail. Keep in mind, there are other factors to take into consideration but let’s discuss the 4 attributes.

Quality of the Photo

This is obviously a no-brainer, the better the quality of your photo the more appealing it’ll be for the person viewing the image. What camera you use can determine the quality. However, these days you don’t need an expensive camera. You can get away with using your phone especially if it’s just for social media content creation. Make sure your pictures are not pixelated. Usually, the best format to convert your pictures into is PNG. PNG files might take longer to load, but it’s definitely worth the wait.   

Colours Used in Food Photography

Colour plays a crucial role in food photography. It can portray certain moods and feelings, express different thoughts and ideas. If used correctly, it can really draw a good amount of attention from its viewers. Because there are so many elements to food, it really gives you a chance to play around with colour. So, experiment to see what looks good together and what doesn’t. Try pairing your food with similar coloured ingredients or use contrasting colours to really make the photo pop. Stay clear of background colours that look too similar to your subject. This can really wash out your picture; plus, it makes it harder to tell what the image’s real focus is. You can’t go wrong with a neutral background.

Light & Shadow

Depending on the situation, natural lighting is usually the best option. It gives your images the most natural look and feel without distorting the colours. Warm lighting causes the image to look more saturated or yellow. That’s not a good look if you’re photographing anything white. Cool lighting can make the images appear unnatural. When there’s light there’s shadow, play around with your lighting to invoke different kinds of shadows. Be careful so that the shadow doesn’t cover up your food or prop. The brighter the light the darker the shadow. Shadows can be obsolete, but they can also add more depth to your images making them stand out more.

Every Detail Counts

Here we’ll talk about the little gritty details that can make or break your images. If you’re cooking from home, make sure to wipe the edges of your plate, or bowl clean before snapping a shot. Tiny dribble or accidental splashes can make your picture look messy. It’s a common practice in the restaurant industry as presentation is of the utmost importance. Now another tip to prevent your images from looking messy is keeping the background clean. If you’re taking a picture of your food on a surface, make sure there aren’t any crumbs or watermarks. A quick wipe down should do the trick. Try to stay away from scratches or discolouration as well. The last trick regarding details is to use herbs and spices. They’re a great way to add subtle colour to your food, that’ll bring the focus back to where you want it.

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