It doesn’t matter whether your bar is in your downstairs rec room or in your town’s trendiest quarter: when the holidays arrive, you’ll be having people coming in for a little (or a lot of) holiday cheer. 

As the host, you’ve got a big job that includes ensuring that you have the bar essentials you need to keep the celebration flowing. Fortunately, this isn’t as time-consuming or expensive as it sounds. At Unique Restaurant Supplies, we prepared this handy blog so that you can equip your bar before the crowds arrive and keep them coming back long after the decorations disappear.

Cocktail shakers

What customer or visitor doesn’t get a rush when they see their drink being prepared in a sleek silver cocktail shaker? Even James Bond insisted that his vodka martinis be shaken but not stirred.

Vodka martinis aside, the rules of mixology state that some drinks should be shaken before serving, particularly those containing dairy, cream liqueurs, fruit juices, and other thick mixers. Our stainless steel cocktail shakers will help you or your bartender put on a good show and finish it afterward with a beverage that would have gotten the Bond seal of approval. It’s designed to impress and so affordable that you’ll want to buy more than one.

Prep Tools

Cocktail shakers are an important part of preparing some drinks, but they aren’t the only prep tool you should have in stock. We recommend that you also have the following:

Jigger: One of the must-have tools in mixology, we sell a stainless steel two-sided jiggerthat ensures consistency in drink preparation. One side measures two ounces while the other measures one ounce, so you can follow recipes without fail.

Cocktail spoon: Some drinks, like the Manhattan or Imperial cocktail, only need a light stirring to blend the flavours. This cocktail spoon is long enough to do its blending work in tall glasses and has a blunt end for crushing ingredients like mint leaves, herbs, and fruit pieces.

Muddler: They look like fancy potato mashers, which makes sense because you use them to gently crush the flavour out of the fruit or herbs being used for some cocktail or martini recipes. 

Strainer: With some drink recipes, you want the chill but not the ice. A strainer will fit snugly over the mouth of the glass or shaker, containing the ice while you pour the beverage. Strainers are also great for removing fruit or herb pieces from muddled drinks.

Juicer: You can buy citrus juices in cartons, but when it comes to mixed beverages, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Investing in a handheld juicer will let you make fresh orange, lemon, or lime juice on demand, giving you the enviable reputation for making the best Screwdriver in town!

Garnish cases: When you serve mixed drinks, you’re going to need plenty of garnishes on hand, namely cherries, lime and lemon wedges, citrus peels, pineapple, olives, and mint leaves. Specially-designed cases can hold these toppings in airtight compartments, keeping them fresh until they’re needed.

Festive glasses

The right glass is a critical part of the drink presentation. Try serving champagne in a beer mug or red wine in a tall cocktail glass and you’ll see what we mean. Fortunately, Unique Restaurant Supplies has glassware for practically every type of beer, wine, or mixed drink.

Ball champagne glasses: A fun and distinctly modern take on the traditional glass flute, these ball champagne glasses will let guests and customers drink a New Year’s toast they won’t soon forget. 

Martini glasses: Martinis are so popular that they have entire bars dedicated to the various types available! Our expertly-designed martini glasses are so appealing that even the beer drinkers will want to try one.

Let us help you get ready to celebrate

The holidays may be weeks away, but the time to prepare is now. Unique Restaurant Supply has the glassware and bar essentials you need to stock up for the December rush. You can order everything online: no need to stand in line at your local restaurant supplier, and delivery is free on orders over $100! We’re here to help, so if you have any questions, please contact us.