Your restaurant’s kitchen tools are essential to its success.

What you need will depend on what you serve. For example, if you’re running a popular diner, you’ll probably rely on different supplies than a sushi bar or an LCBO-licensed steakhouse. This is why it’s crucial to source a commercial kitchen supplier that services a wide range of business types. 

At Unique Restaurant Supply, we have supplied essential items like cutlery, hand tools, bar supplies, and dinnerware to some of the region’s most successful restaurants. Below is an overview of our extensive range of commercial kitchen supplies in Canada, all of which can be purchased in bulk to save you money.

Kitchen Cutlery

Our extensive kitchen cutlery line features professional-quality cutting and slicing tools, all of them built from superior materials and designed to resist rusting and corrosion. Products include kitchen knife sets, cleavers, bread knives, boning knives, and ceramic slicing and paring knives, so we have everything you need to cut, slice, dice, mince, and debone menu ingredients.

Kitchen Hand Tools

We have kitchen hand tools that simplify every stage of the food preparation and presentation process. From vegetable peelers and cheese graters to measuring cups, mixing spoons, and ice cream and melon ball scoops, our products can help your team with any stirring, shaping, whisking, flipping, or handling that needs to be done.

Bar Supplies

As any good bartender will tell you, there’s an art to making the perfect drink. With featured stock including wine and liquor glasses, bottle openers and pourers, ice picks, and even specialty items like copper Moscow mule mugs, we have all the bar supplies you need to let the creativity flow in your club or restaurant. 

Food Transfer Supplies

Food transfer supplies make preparation and serving more efficient and hygienic. We have stainless steel serving tongs, food and ice scoops, and funnel sets for no-mess refills of your oil, vinegar, and salad dressing containers.


Our smallwares kitchen supplies include tools and products that are indispensable during the preparation and serving of certain dishes and desserts. They include pizza peels, pans, and rockers, cutting boards, strainers, cake molds, and even pizza scissors.. 

Tabletop, Servingware and Dinnerware Accessories

Quality tabletopservingware and dinnerware like glasses, serving boards, tablecloths, and stainless steel flatware are an important part of the customer dining experience. In addition to items that complement any restaurant, Unique Restaurant Supply has cuisine-specific accessories like sushi plates and cheese knives. 

Restaurant Disposables

If you operate a deli, fast food restaurant, or offer takeout, we offer sandwich wrap paper, paper trays, paper containers, and other restaurant disposables for food on the go.


When you’re buying commercial kitchen supplies in Canada, you want to deal with a trusted provider that understands what you need and what your clientele expects and will provide it to you in bulk, so that you get more for your money. Unique Restaurant Supply is your one-stop solution for all of your restaurant or bar’s food and beverage serving needs, so whether you’re opening a new location or upgrading your current kitchen’s supplies, we can help. For more information,please contact us today.