A dish you’ve just seen on Top Chef Canada has your mouth watering. Do you fire up Uber Eats and start searching or do you look up the recipe before heading into your own kitchen?

If you don’t have all the trendy and exciting new kitchen gadgets, you may be wondering if your creativity is limited. Not at all! In fact, you can prepare chef-quality meals using basic kitchen supplies. In this blog, we’ll show you what you really need and even present a couple of upscale options that can actually save you money.


If there’s a single piece of cookware you must have, it’s a nonstick pan. You can use it for everything from bacon and eggs in morning to mouthwatering stir-fries at night. They are easy to clean and, with proper care, can last for years. Other recommended cookware items include:

Stockpot: From boiling water for pasta to making soup and soup stock, a 6-quart stainless steel pot will come through for you with a lot of recipes.

Sheet pan: Good quality sheet pans will help you do everything from roast vegetables to make the best tuna melt in town. If you enjoy making your own desserts, buy a second pan for baking cookies.

Cake pans: These multipurpose pans can do more than bake cakes. They do an amazing job with casseroles, roasted meat dishes, and even that fancy eggplant Parmesan recipe you’ve been dying to try.

Nested mixing bowls: You’re guaranteed to need them for everything from beating eggs, mixing batter, marinating meat or tofu, and even throwing together a salad. 

Kitchen Cutlery

This is where you might want to spend a little extra money. A quality knife set will ensure a clean cut and resist slipping on wet produce, keeping you safe while you work. At Unique Restaurant Supply, we have options to suit every budget, from this basic but effective 4-piece stainless steel black knife set to this pro-quality Japanese Santoku slicing chef knives set. To keep your knives in great working order, don’t forget this affordable yet effective knife sharpener.

Prep Tools

You can use your hands to knead dough, but everything else calls for the right utensil. In our opinion, no kitchen should be without at least one of the following:

Measuring spoons: If you measure out all your ingredients by sight, you can count on inconsistent results. This metal 10-piece set of measuring cups and spoons will help ensure that you’re spot on with your baking and meal prep.

Whisk: Ever tried to mix pancake batter or gravy with a spoon? So did we, which is why we sell whisks that break up those stubborn chunks and leave you with a smooth, even texture. This silicone whisk does a great job, is easy to clean, and won’t break the bank.

Wooden spoon: In our opinion, no family or restaurant kitchen should be without that classic wooden spoon. You can use it to mix batter and stir hot soups or sauces without burning your hand.

Next-level kitchen supplies

Once you’ve got the basics, why not invest in some next-level kitchen supplies for your favourite meals? The specialized appliances below can bring more dimension to your menus and even save you money by letting you make certain ingredients and desserts at home.

Dehydrator: Use this eight-layer dehydrator to make dehydrated fruit snacks, beef jerky, and vegetable chips. If you’ve got a herb garden, why not dry your own herbs for best taste results in your salads and cooked meals?

Ice cream machine: Who doesn’t love ice cream, even all year round? Instead of paying for large tubs, why not make your own? This ice cream machine is easy to use and lets you make your favourite flavours with no fuss or mess. All you need to bring are the toppings.

We’ve got what you need

Are you a new homeowner looking to equip your kitchen? An aspiring or experienced chef needing the right tools for haute cuisine? At Unique Restaurant Supply, we’ve got quality kitchen supplies you can order online 24 hours a day. For more information or if you have questions before placing an order, please contact us.