You may have heard about the minimalism trend that’s been gaining in popularity lately. However, minimalism is more than just a passing fad, but rather a way of life. The main purpose of minimalism is to free yourself from the consumer culture and all of the ways it can trap you. For example, getting a new car every few years usually means that you are stuck with car payments every month. 

Regardless of the reasons behind your decision to have less “stuff,” the idea is to understand what are the things you actually need in order to clear the clutter away. In most of the showcased kitchens, you may see today there is one thing they have in common. Which are clutter-free kitchen counters and essential kitchen supplies only, for an overall cleaner, and more organized look. The idea is that individuals can be content without excessive materialistic possessions. Nowadays, many people are looking for a minimalist kitchen with a more modern look and feel. That is why we have compiled a list of kitchen supply must-haves, so you can do more with less. 

Minimalist Kitchen Supplies: Must Haves


Even in a minimalist kitchen, there is a need for knives, forks, and spoons. Eating utensils are practically a necessity. Purchasing a high-quality set of cutleries ensures that they’ll last for years to come and won’t break easily from excessive usage. Having one set of cutlery for each member of the household is likely enough. However, sometimes you may want to have a few more on hand, in case you need them during the cooking process or when you have guests over. 


Having glasses to drink out of is a given. Just like cutlery, you should aim to have at least one cup for each family member. Plastic cups won’t break as easily but glass cups will look better and be more durable in the long run. You should purchase cups based on what’s more suitable for your lifestyle. That way you will have a cup for all your beverages. 

Plates & Bowls

Many sets come with large plates, small plates, and bowls. It’s a good idea to have at least a few different sized plates and bowls in your kitchen for different purposes. For example, larger plates can be used for dinner or as a serving dish whereas one bowl can be used for your soups and your salads. 

Chef Knives

If you like to cook, then you’ll know how important it is to have a durable and sharp knife set. There are many different types of knives, so you want to get a set that offers different types of blades for a variety of purposes such as this Black Stainless Steel 4 Piece Knife Set. You may need a sharp chef’s knife to cut vegetables or raw meat. You may also want a knife for cutting cooked meat to prevent food contamination. With that in mind, you’ll need knives varying in width and length for all the different kinds of foods you’ll be cooking.

Knife Sharpener

One way to prolong the life of your knife set is by purchasing a knife sharpener. Knives can be expensive and it would be such a shame to have to throw one out because it’s no longer sharp. On top of saving yourself from having to buy a new set of costly knives, you’re also reducing the risk of your knife slipping and causing an injury. Cooking can already be a tough task on its own, you don’t want to add to the struggle with cutting up food as well. This 12 inch Knife Sharpener is not only strong, it’s also long enough to keep your hands far away while you’re sharpening your knife. It’s thin enough for you to store it out of sight with ease, perfect for that clutter-free kitchen of yours. 

Non-stick Pan

How can you make your next stir fry or sear your hearty steak without a pan? You will be using your pan to cook a variety of delicious dishes. Find a medium-sized pan that’s dependable and non-stick for easy cleanup. You can easily cook your meats and vegetables for all your meals by simply using just one pan. 

Cooking Pot

A medium-sized pot is something you should include in your list of minimalist kitchen supplies. It’s perfect for cooking heavy stews and your grandma’s famous soup. A pot is also great for boiling water for teas and pasta noodles. Find one that will meet your family’s needs – the bigger the family the bigger the pot. We recommend a medium-sized pot for the average family household. 


A spatula can be used for many purposes. Whether you are cooking away on your sizzling pan or scraping the remaining cake batter out of your bowl, a spatula will always come in handy. It is great for mixing up all of the ingredients together in your bowl as well as getting every last drop of your mixture into the designated container. Get yourself a flexible Silicone Spatula to prevent scratching up your pots and pans with a sleek design. Even a minimalist will want a spatula in their kitchen for cooking.

Measuring Tools

Although sometimes you can eyeball the amount of ingredients required, it’s not always the case. Sometimes you really need to measure your ingredients. When you bake or decide to follow a recipe, it’s important you follow the instructions carefully to the last teaspoon. When you don’t, you’ll risk over seasoning your food or creating your next baking disaster which causes you to waste more food than you intended. That is why you want to make sure you have measuring cups and spoons that can help you follow those recipes to the letter. These Metal 10pc Measuring Cups are made from sterling silver and are available in a variety of colours to match your kitchen aesthetic. Not only are they reliable, but they’ll also make measuring ingredients a lot easier.

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