If you are stocking your bar check out our tips from Unique Restaurant Supplies

It doesn’t matter whether your bar is on Main Street or in your basement: you want the right supplies for best results. How many times have the cocktails in your home bar failed to meet the taste quality of your favorite cocktail den? Has a customer ever asked you for a mixed drink that you can’t make because you don’t have an essential tool or ingredient?

You don’t have to limit yourself to beer and wine: Unique Restaurant Supplies has everything you need to mix up first-rate drinks for your friends, family, or customers. In this blog, we’ll list the bar essentials that can turn your home or professional bar into THE place to be on Saturday nights. 


Hobbyists and professional bartenders rely on accuracy when it comes to mixing drinks. The wrong amount of Bourbon can turn your whiskey sour into a mouth-puckering failure and too little Cointreau will create something besides the intended Cosmopolitan.

Enter the cocktail jigger. We sell a stainless steel jigger in a one-ounce/two-ounce size, which will cover your bases for most mixed drink recipes, although you won’t go wrong by also buying a half-ounce/three-quarter-ounce size. That way, you can count on making an outstanding cocktail each time. 


Some drinks are meant to be served on the rocks or on crushed ice, but others aren’t. This stainless steel ice filter strainer will fit easily over the mouth of your shaker or glass, letting the chilled liquor to pour through while keeping the ice at bay. You can also use it to remove fruit or shredded herbs from a muddled cocktail like the Old Fashioned or Mojito. The more versatile a piece of bar equipment is, the better the investment!


A lot of mixed drinks are made using fruit and herbs. This bar muddler does an amazing job of extracting juices and oils from fruit and herbs (think Mint Juleps!) so that their flavours can blend perfectly with alcohol. The rubber end lets you mash citrus peels and herbs more gently, as they can become bitter when muddled too vigorously. New cocktail recipes are coming out regularly, but a muddler will keep you covered.

Pour Spouts

Applying pour spouts to your bottles will control spillage and prevent waste and mess. We sell a three-piece stainless steel pourer lid set that fits snugly in your bottle openings and is ergonomically slanted for flawless, drip-free pouring.  Go ahead and break out the white tablecloths: you’ll be fine!

Seasoning Case

Seasoning cases, also known as garnish centers, are an excellent way to store your freshly prepared garnishes. We sell a five-compartment seasoning case that keeps your mint leaves, lemon and lime wedges, maraschino cherries, olives, and chopped fruit in seal-able compartments until you need them. If you have an extensive cocktail menu, this is one of the bar essentials that you don’t want to be without.


A lot of the most popular cocktails include fresh fruit juice. Whether it’s lime for Gimlets, lemon for Whiskey Sours, or orange for Screwdrivers, the ability to squeeze your own juice will make a major difference in the final result. We recommend buying a juicer big enough to handle the largest citrus fruit, as you never know when someone will ask for a vodka and grapefruit juice a.k.a. A Greyhound. You can even make outstanding homemade grenadine by squeezing pomegranates!

Bar Spoon

A long-handled spoon is a bar essential when your menu includes the Tom Collins, Planter’s Punch, Gin Rickey, and other mixed drinks served in a tall glass. (No, a straw won’t cut it and teaspoons are too short and wide!) If you come across a spoon with tines at the end, it’s an added bonus, as you can use it to spear olives or cherries out of their containers.

Ready to entertain?

Stocking up on bar essentials is more affordable than you might think. Whether you need some extra jiggers to accommodate your growing weekend clientele or some specialty serving glasses for holiday entertaining, Unique Restaurant Supply has got you covered. Ordering online is easy but if you need more information before ordering, please contact us.