Rectangle Aluminum Foil Food Tray with Lid


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–The lunch box made of high-quality aluminum foil that have been strictly screened is odorless and non-toxic, will not affect human health, and can directly contain food.

–The lunch box that can be directly used for cooking can withstand temperatures as high as 350 degrees Celsius and low temperatures as low as – 50 degrees Celsius. It is a good choice for baking, cooking, refrigeration, freezing or transporting food.

–The lunch box is matched with a transparent plastic cover suitable for the size of the lunch box, so it can also well preserve the temperature and fragrance of the food. You can use this lunch box to make various cakes, breads, grilled fish, baked rice and other foods.

–When you have a picnic, you can use this box to keep food fresh and reduce plastic waste. This box also helps you heat food quickly in the oven.

–This lunch box is also very suitable for your store. This lunch box is very suitable for use as a packaging box for take-out food. It can maintain the freshness and temperature for a long time, so that your cooking can be perfectly displayed in front of customers.

–Product name: disposable aluminum foil lunch box
–Material: aluminum foil and plastic
–Product size: about 20*11.5*5.5cm
–Product weight: about 8g
–Product capacity: about 650ML
–Working temperature: -50℃-350℃
–Product color: silver

Packing list:
–1*disposable aluminum foil lunch box
–1*plastic cover

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Aluminium Foil Tray with Lid


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