In a commercial kitchen, keeping food products that are past their sell-by date is unacceptable. Food is generally replaced regularly as restaurant systems are geared towards stock rotation to ensure freshness.  Despite the heavy focus on fresh new ingredients, kitchen supplies are often neglected when it comes to replacing them for optimum functionality.  

Many of us have numerous outdated kitchen supplies that we use on a regular basis. Instead of replacing the outdated supplies, such as an old garlic press that has been passed down for generations, we choose to proceed with an, “it’ll do” approach, and accept their functionality. 

However, replacing outdated kitchen supplies can help make your cooking experience easier, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable. When you finally get around to replacing your outdated supplies, you’ll admonish yourself for what took you so long.  In this blog, we will highlight the kitchen supplies that you should be replacing on a regular basis as well as explain the benefits of ensuring that your kitchen supplies are up to date. 

Wooden Items

Wood absorbs moisture quickly, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful bacteria, replace your wooden spoons and wooden spatulas every five years, when they start to crack, when they get burnt, or when they show any signs of discolouration. 

That being said, with the proper care and attention to maintenance, wooden chopping boards can be kept forever.  Clean your board with hot, soapy water and never leave them to soak.  Depending on how often you use your cutting board, oiling it with food-grade quality oil will inevitably extend their lifespan.  However, if they are cracked or warped, be sure to replace them to avoid hidden bacteria and to ensure your safety when using them to cut food products. 

Zesters and Graters

Lemon Zesters, Cheese Graters and micro-planes start off razor-sharp and can easily shred hard ingredients like nutmeg or parmesan. Overtime, as the supplies are used more often they wear down and become less functional. Once they are dull, you can’t sharpen them, so it’s time to go shopping for new ones.


Investing in a quality knife set will make your cooking preparation faster and safer. If you look after your knives properly, a quality set can outlast your lifetime. However, even quality knives get dull after excessive use. Therefore, it is important to purchase a knife sharpener that you know how to use, so you can sharpen your knives regularly. If your knives can no longer can be sharpened, replace them. Dull or broken knives inevitably increase your risk of harm as knives are the cause of more disabling injuries than any other hand tool. It is important to also be aware of loose handles and chips, cracks or bends in the blade. Please note that serrated knives, like bread knives, can’t be sharpened so they need to be replaced once they are no longer functional.


A peeler will inevitably get dull from overuse. To preserve and maximize longevity, wash and dry your peeler after each use. Even the highest quality, top of the line peeler won’t stay sharp forever, so make sure you check the blade before and after each use and replace them accordingly.  A three-piece set of peelers can have you wowing your guests with ribbons of cucumber in their gin and tonic, or keeping your kids happy and healthy with zoodle zucchini noodles.


Chipped or cracked plates are more than just embarrassing, they can be damaging to your health. Bacteria can grow in the cracks and tiny bits of porcelain can get into your food. Be sure to throw away and replace any damaged dishes or plates. Treat yourself to a set of Japanese Ceramic Serving Plates, which come in six beautiful designs and are sure to add pizzazz to any kitchen.

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